PIKA Kuwait Operations
Kuwait Operations

During PIKA’s early years, we made a strategic decision to expand into the Kuwait market..and we have done so successfully. 

Based on extensive hands-on working knowledge of some of our program managers, as well as available opportunities, we decided to first focus on the oil and gas sector in the Middle East.  For the past 7 years, we have operated an office in Kuwait City, Kuwait, performing a variety of projects within that country.  In addition to our full-time staff and fully operational office facilities in Kuwait, we are supported by a local sponsor whose skills and support are invaluable for Kuwait operations.  We recently completed a large project at the Udairi Range Complex with the objective of returning the range back to original training capabilities of pre-2003.  As a significant subcontractor to AECOM, we were responsible for providing technical support, radiation surveys, and fieldwork execution services utilizing in-country equipment and personnel resources. 

Currently, we are under contract with the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (K.S.C.), Joint Operations, Wafra to close one of the last of the large waste oil pits (Pit 28A), located near the Main Gathering Center (MGC). This pit originally contained approximately 1,000,000 barrels of Oily Viscous Liquid (OVL) consisting of recoverable crude, water sludge, and emulsified material.  In November 2009, a contract was issued for the recovery of OVL from Pit 28A. To date, we have recovered approximately 625,000 barrels of crude suitable for open market sale. 

Our staff, management, and support systems in Kuwait are focused on cost effectively self-performing Hazardous, Toxic, and Radiological Waste (HTRW) remedial activities and oilfield services projects.  With our expert scientists and engineers, we have had incomparable success in developing, evaluating, and deploying innovative technologies to solve environmental and oilfield related problems. 

We take pride in our proven track record of safety and quality performance on over 400 projects, worldwide, and bring this successful program to our Kuwait projects.  

We at PIKA consistently provide our client partners with the overall best value by offering cutting edge technical innovations and lowest risk level solutions to their problems, regardless of size or scope.  Contact us to see how we may partner with you.