PIKA Demilitarization and Decontamination
Demilitarization & Decontamination

We provide our clients with safe, effective methods to demilitarize and decontaminate military equipment, structures, and munitions.

According to Library of Congress reports, the demilitarization of military equipment is an important issue today.  One of our specialized services is providing comprehensive demilitarization (DEMIL) services from investigation to the recycling of certified explosives-free range and munitions debris.  For several clients, we have designed, built, and implemented state of the art recycling and DEMIL equipment specifically to handle small arms ammunition, white phosphorous (WP) canisters for projectiles and rockets, range related debris (RRD), and all sizes of munitions up to and including 2000-pound bombs.

PIKA’s munitions response, environmental, DEMIL, and radiological services groups coordinate carefully on complex projects.  This unique capability gives us a special niche in the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DOE), and Homeland Security communities.  We also work closely with private sector clients to provide solutions to their own contamination projects related to past military exercises or research.  Specifically, our DEMIL services fall into three categories, including Building D&DEquipment D&D, and Small Arms Ammunition DEMIL and Recycling.

We work side by side with our clients to develop processes and equipment to handle their complex DEMIL needs.  Contact us for more information on our capabilities.

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