PIKA Kuwait Operations
Oilfield Services

We undertake turnkey oily waste management projects for oilfield and marine operations worldwide.

Our turnkey offerings include oily waste excavation, oily waste treatment, oil recovery and treatment of oil-contaminated water for re-use or disposal, treatment of oily solids and soils for return to the environment.  All of our oilfield services, regardless of the processed media, are performed in strict compliance with prevailing regulatory requirements established either by our customers or through the governing regulatory authority.

Every one of our project begins with an appraisal of the characteristics of the media(s) of concern through laboratory analysis and detailed treatability studies.  We also perform an engineering and economic analysis to determine the viability of economic oil recovery.  The data is analyzed resulting in the design of the various treatment unit processes required to accomplish our customer’s objectives.  Our services include plant siting, engineering, detailed design of all inside and outside battery limits equipment and facilities, overseeing construction, plant commissioning, operator training, and operations.

Experience has shown that centrifugal separation is the most efficient and cost-effective method for waste oil treatment.  Depending on source and quality, each oil-contaminated waste requires its own technical solution.  A single centrifuge may suffice or a multi-stage system may be necessary.  Utilizing a detailed laboratory testing program, the systems we supply are engineered for the optimal solution for each specific media.

Oilfield Services offered by PIKA
  • Slop oil treatment
  • Oily wastewater treatment,
  • Oily waste excavation from disposal pits,
  • In-tank cleaning
  • Thermal treatment of oil-based drilling muds
  • Economic oil recovery processes,
  • Produced water treatment
  • Treatment of oil-contaminated water for re-use or disposal,
  • Treatment of oil contaminated solids and soils for return to the environment
  • Bioremediation of oil contaminated soils and sludges
  • Soil washing of oil contaminated soils and sludges