PIKA Soil and Metal Segregation
Soils & Metals Segregation

We have a long history of successfully developing, installing and operating multi-stage soil and metal separation and processing systems.  

Our clients often have issues related to range operations and stockpiled munitions mixed with soils and other debris.  To aid our clients, we developed a soil and metal separation system which has been used successfully to address this problem. For example at the former Vieques Naval Training Range, we separated, demilitarized, flashed, certified as safe, and then recycled over 16 million pounds of metal from the ranges on the island.  

Our system is centered around Sorting/Inspection Area (SIA) Operations.  Soils excavated from ranges and stock piles are delivered to a SIA located at safe distance away from any other operations.  We utilize a hopper loaded conveyance system that also uses a mechanical power screening and magnetic separation processes.  The primary goal of the separator conveyor process is to safely and effectively remove any MEC/MPPEH/other debris that remains in the stockpiled soils. Using hardened/shielded earth moving machinery, we maneuver the soils to the mechanical power screen that separates soils from any MEC/MPPEH/other debris items greater than a predetermined size.  Each SIA is specifically designed and developed for the specific project in question, taking into consideration the amount of materials needing to be sifted, the predominant size of the MEC/MPPEH, the type of soil, and the end use for the project site. 

Our MEC sifting operations utilize common sift plants, power screens, and magnetic separating systems which used belt magnets, rare earth magnets, and eddy current magnets.  Some of our SIA implementations include those Case Histories links provided below.  For more information regarding our specialized soil/metal separation systems, contact us!

Case Histories