PIKA Thermal Convection System
Thermal Convection

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We at PIKA are always searching for safer, more effective methods of dealing with the many contaminants and hazards our clients bring to us.  One of the processes we designed and have successfully implemented is the thermal processing of explosives contaminated structures and equipment by using our one-of-kind Thermal Convection System (TCS).  The TCS allows us to remotely desensitize and decontaminate structures and equipment rendering them safe to demolish, reuse or recycle.

The TCS is a portable unit that thermally neutralizes explosives residues in building materials, equipment, debris, Material Potentially Presenting an Explosive Hazard (MPPEH), and Material Documented with an Explosive Hazard (MDEH).  Our application of the TCS fulfills the requirements to acquire a material documented as safe (MDAS) certification of these materials in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and local rules, regulations and laws.  

The most important safety feature of PIKA’s TCS is the capability to operate the system at a remote distance established in accordance with the Maximum Credible Event (MCE).  The MCE is assigned to the site-specific TCS operation in the Explosives Safety Submission (ESS). The TCS can be remotely operated at distance of over 2000 feet, while maintaining control of the BTU output and incrementally adjust temperatures within 10 degrees of the required target temperature.

PIKA’s incorporated National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards into the design of the integrated safety features of the TCS which increases the overall safety of explosives desensitization operations. These safety features include:

  • High Flow Fuel Shut-off Valves
  • Remote Fuel Supply Shutoff Valve
  • Burner Fuel Shutoff
  • Burner Operation Feedback/Control
  • Remote System Startup/Operation/Shutdown
  • Monitoring Thermocouple Sensors
  • Lost Communications Automatic System Shutdown (LCASS)

PIKA has successfully applied the TCS process to numerous projects for our clients as evidenced in our Case Histories. It would be our pleasure to provide more detailed information about our TCS process and how it can help solve your related project needs.  Contact us so that we can meet with you!


Case Histories