PIKA Safety First
Safety First!

Service lines that include explosives, munitions response, hazardous waste, radiological contamination…and zero OSHA Violations in our company’s 10 year history!

We take pride in safely providing services that remove extremely hazardous materials from the environment.  In fact, safety is the single most important aspect of our operational approach.  We integrate safety as part of our operational flow through the use of activity and task specific hazard analysis – safety is never an after-thought.  Through our active Near-Miss Reporting Program and Safety Observer Program, we focus on recognizing the leading indicators to undesirable events by assessing and implementing responsible controls accordingly.  

How do we prove our commitment to safety?  In quantifiable terms…

  • We boast a history of zero OSHA violations in the 10-year history of our company.
  • We have a current Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.87 which is well below our industry standard of 1.0. 
  • We have received over 20 safety awards from the National Safety Council (NSC), the U.S. Army, and the Joint Operations of Saudi Arabian Chevron Inc.-Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (K.S.C.).
  • We design and implement successful programs, such as our Safe, Accident-Free Environment (SAFE) Program and Corporate Environmental Safety and Health Program (CESHP), which have kept our annual Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred (DART) rate at a very low 0.91.

So, yes, we do perform our projects and jobs safely.  But, more importantly, we take the time to partner with our clients to develop synergetic relationships leading to better, safer methods towards addressing their needs. 

Our development and implementation of engineered processes provide our employees with a safer workplace and a more effective way to perform a task, while also providing our clients the confidence of knowing that we are providing safety with state of the art quality job performance.  

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